Tyler Lopez and Tana Newton

Testimonials from Past Clients

Everyday we meet someone new, someone we help achieve the American Dream. This is special to us and one of the best reasons to wake up every day. We appreciate the kind words below and could never express enough gratitude for the relationships we have created through the years and the continued support from our clients, our friends, for our business.

Robert Uhring
Tucson, AZ

Tyler was awesome. Very knowledgeable about the area and houses. He was always accessible, and very attentive to our needs. He knew about things one does not normally think of when buying, such as lighting, hardware, etc. I would recommend Tyler to all my friends, and would definitely use him in the future.

John & Brandy Grubaugh
Tucson, AZ

Tyler was so helpful and attentive. He was always available to show us homes, answer our endless questions, and help us work out the best deal possible! He was extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market. We were initially very nervous about the home buying process, thinking it would be so complicated and stressful, but Tyler made all so easy. We highly recommend him!

Bucky Andrews
Tucson, AZ

I called Tyler after 10 pm on a Sunday night, and he talked to me for about a hour. I was blown away that he answered and listened to all my questions I had, and don't you know he answered every single one of them. The task I gave him was very hard as far as what I was looking for, but don't you know he went above and beyond with me. We would talk daily and he really made me feel like he was working for me! Which he was, it wasn't like he worked a normal 9-5 job. There were plenty of late night calls and weekend showing and he was just amazing! Tyler is a true real estate agent and he puts his client first! I really can't say enough good things about him! I will only use Tyler in future purchases and I highly recommend him! You will not be disappointed!

Ashley Jacques
Tucson, AZ

By the time we first met in person Tyler had researched my neighborhood and told me the best price to put on my house. It was what I expected, and we went forward. My house was on the market for 4 days before we received and offer just under our price and the buyers also paid the closing costs. It was very easy to sell the house using Tyler. I highly recommend him.

Alice Ramey
Tucson, AZ

Tyler was prompt, followed through on every aspect of the buying of this property, very knowledgeable, appropriate in every way, ended up closing early due to his perseverance, good working relationship with all the people he had to deal with. Tyler has a great personality and charisma - he knows his business.”

Jennie Norris
Tucson, AZ

Tyler was amazing! He was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He was always available, easy to reach, and very attentive every step of the way. One of the most hard working and ambitious people I have ever met. The whole process was super easy, and clear. He helped me find a place that matched all of my criteria and was better than anything I expected to find. I would highly recommend Tyler!!